Tumurtei station

Tumurtei station has been commissioned and started its freight operation on April 3rd, 2016. The station has a capacity of 2 million tons of iron ore. The railway line is branched from Bold tumur eruu gol LLC’s Khandgait station and continues for about 23 km.Also it connectswith the railway network of Mongolia through the Bold tumur eruu gol LLC’s Bayangol railway line and UBTZ’s Eruu station,which means the Tumurtui station connects directly with Russia and China and enables transport activities.

The Tumurtei station consists of a section for train operations, a locomotive repair depot, a section for parking, a section for wagon inspection and maintenance, a track workshop and a loading area.

The station is a comprehensive facility equipped with modern signaling and telecommunication systems. It also includes 6 incoming and outgoing tracks with an effective length of 903 - 1072 meters each, shunting neck, weighing track, locomotive and wagon service tracks, and shunting track.

There are in total 2 loading areas with 4 tracks, which can accommodate up to 25 wagons each. Also MTZ owns a loading area at the Khandgait station of Bold tumur eruu gol LLC.

Currently, a three-storey residential building with 24 apartments is under construction and will be commissioned soon.