Greetings from CEO

Congratulations on the remarkable occasion of the 85th anniversary of railway transport development in Mongolia!

On this occasion, in collaboration with "Mongolian Railways" SOSC, we extend a warm welcome to this significant day, celebrating the professional holiday of railway personnel.


In 2010, the Parliament's endorsement of the government's railway transportation policy marked a significant step forward. The decision to establish a new national railway network encompassing approximately 6,600 km was a transformative moment. As proud Mongolians, in collaboration with national enterprises and companies, we take immense pride in the accomplishment of constructing a remarkable 1,000 km of railways. These railways span across critical routes such as Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan, Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsuhait, and Zuunbayan-Khangi. The remarkable feat of constructing these railways in a short timeframe, especially during the challenges posed by the epidemic, underscores our collective dedication and determination.


Furthermore, a significant milestone was reached as we successfully handed over 416.1 km of the "Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan" railway line to the State Commission. This development holds the potential to substantially augment the carrying and throughput capabilities, allowing for the seamless operation of up to 9 trains each day. The positive outcomes of this achievement extend beyond mere infrastructure enhancements; they encompass a notable increase in the company's revenue and the creation of conditions conducive to yielding substantial socio-economic benefits.

At present, the impact of this achievement is tangible as evidenced by the transportation of 1.4 million tons of cargo. This cargo includes coal and fuel products earmarked for export, as well as essential raw materials for briquettes designed to mitigate the emissions of Ulaanbaatar city. Such endeavors contribute significantly to the sustainable development and prosperity of our region.


The Government's visionary "New Revival Policy" encompasses a strategic focus on the revival of ports. As a pivotal element of this initiative, Mongolia is ambitiously aiming to establish 5 cross-border export railway crossings, with construction endeavors already underway. Among these transformative projects are Shiveehuren-Sekhe, Gashuunsuhait-Gantmod, Hangi-Mandal, Zamiin-Uud-Ereen, and the notable Bichigt-Zunkhatavc railway. This dynamic undertaking aims to connect ports with the People's Republic of China via rail, fostering enhanced trade and connectivity. 

A prime example is the Shiveehuren-Sehe port, where a 19.3 km-long railway is in progress and slated for completion by 2023. This monumental endeavor commenced in May and is set for handover this October, showcasing our steadfast commitment to timely and efficient execution. Moreover, the construction of the Bichigt-Zuunkhatavch railway is poised to commence by August, marking another significant milestone in our pursuit of robust cross-border connectivity and economic prosperity.


The implementation of the east vertical railway line from Choibalsan to Khuut and Bichigt is poised to establish a highly efficient and strategic economic corridor. This railway line will serve as the shortest route connecting China, Mongolia, and Russia, with its significance underscored by its linkage to the Bichigt-Zunkhatav port project. This initiative holds profound strategic importance, reflecting our commitment to fostering regional collaboration.The dedicated team at "Mongolian Railways" has assumed a leadership role in this transformative endeavor. Their pivotal role encompasses the transportation of significant cargo volumes, which in turn enhances the value of mineral deposits within the region. As a consequence, new prospects for economic circulation are emerging, redefining opportunities and facilitating an environment of sustained growth and development. The momentum we are generating through this venture is a testament to our shared vision and unwavering dedication to progress.


A significant milestone has been achieved in the construction of approximately 1,700 km of vertical railways across both the western and eastern directions. This endeavor has seen the selection of a national enterprise to participate actively in the construction process. A notable achievement in this journey is the establishment of a dedicated special purpose company, jointly formed with the active participation of "Mongolian Railways" SOSC. In the western vertical direction, the allocation of approximately 1,255 km of railway spanning "Artssuur-Narynsukhait-Shiveekhuren" has been entrusted to the private sector. Similarly, the eastern vertical direction has seen about 426 km of railway spanning "Choibalsan-Khuut-Bichigt" awarded under the "Design-Build-Operate-Transfer" concession agreement. Through this collaborative effort, companies are uniting their expertise and resources to foster remarkable developments through strategic investments. This symbiotic partnership serves as a catalyst for substantial progress, marking an inspiring chapter in Mongolia's railway advancement.


Congratulations extend to the esteemed veteran railway workers, whose unwavering dedication and lifelong commitment have played an instrumental role in the remarkable growth and development of Mongolia's railway sector. Your invaluable knowledge and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on the landscape of progress.Equally deserving of praise are the current generation of dedicated railwaymen, who are actively shaping the ongoing narrative of development. Your collective endeavors are shaping a legacy that continues to inspire.To the aspiring students who have chosen to specialize in this field, your selective pursuit of knowledge holds great promise for the future. Your dedication to learning and contributing to the railway sector is both commendable and promising.In unity, we celebrate the achievements, legacies, and aspirations that define Mongolia's railway journey. Congratulations to all for your invaluable contributions to this shared endeavor of growth and advancement.