The Ministry of Road and Transport Development is organizing the international forum "Transport Mongolia 2023,"and the forum is continuing  with the second day under the title of "Railway Mongolia."

The Organization for Railway Cooperation (OSJD), the International Union of Railways (UIC), the "Rio Tinto" LLC company, the State Railway Department of China, the Russian Ministry of Transport, and the Asia-Pacific Economic and Social Commission (UNESCAP) are participating at the "Railway Mongolia" conference, which will focus on strengthening regional transport and logistics and will be distinguished by the participation of delegates from internationally recognized organizations.

Participants at the conference provided presentations on topics such as increasing Mongolia's railway industry's competitiveness, global railway industry development and trends, advanced heavy-duty railway technology, and Mongolia's railway industry's issues, and industry leaders held an open discussion.

During the day, to promote and present the activities of the railway branches, the scope of the activities of the "Mongolian Railway" SOSC, the Government of Mongolia's revival policy, and the revival of the western and eastern verticals. The work progress, economic efficiency, and benefits of increasing export output of the Artssuuri-Nariinsukhait-Shiveekhuren, Choibalsan-Khuut-Bichigt, Sainshand-Baruun-Urt-Khuut, and Bichigt-Zuunkhatavch, Shiveekhuren-Ceke port railway projects were presented.

The "Mongolian Railway" SOSC's 416.1 km Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan railway line was physically shown to citizens and toured in a virtual environment, providing an opportunity to see the construction in reality, 650 km from Ulaanbaatar to Umnugovi province through Dornogovi.

During the exhibition, the "Mongolian Railway" SOSC's "Regional Logistics Center" in Zamyn-Uud, the Transshipment Complex, and Tumurtei railway transportation in Selenge province will be demonstrated, and experts emphasized the 33.4 km railway's capacity of about 2000 tons of cargo transportation per year from Tumurtei station to Khandgait station.

Issues such as increasing the benefits of regional economic cooperation in the transport and logistics sector, facilitating cross-border transport, and creating interconnected connections in the transport sector are being thoroughly discussed at the Transport Week forum.

The international forum "Transport Week" will be held until the 10th of this month.