The Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan railway would be built in the first phase according to the government's railway transport program, which was approved by Parliament Resolution No. 32 of 2010.

  The Tawantolgoi-Zuunbayan railway project was instructed to promptly initiate it according to Parliament Resolution No. 73 of 2018.

  According to Government Resolution No. 135 of 2019, the required capital sources have been determined, and it has been agreed to build in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

  Mongolian Railways has been granted authorization to begin construction of the basic structure of the Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan railway under Government Resolution No. 231 of 2019.


Implementation process:

The Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan railway project commenced construction on May 24, 2019. A remarkable achievement of 25 million cubic meters of earthworks has been successfully accomplished as an integral part of the project's scope.

  The Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan line completed 463.2 kilometers of road infrastructure construction, 2 stations, 6 crossings, engineering networks, and the construction of the depot, repair workshop, housing, and administration buildings was handed over to the State Commission. 

  Another significant aspect of the project involves the construction of a 455.5 km 35kV overhead power transmission line, complemented by the installation of 35/0.4kV 160kV transformers at the Tsogttsesii station and 6 crossings. The expansion endeavors of the Zuunbayan substation, Tsagaansuvarga substation, and Tsogttsetsii substation have also been flawlessly completed, handed over to the State Commission.

  The "Korea National Railway" firm performed the complex signaling and communications construction work. A total of 871 km of fiber optic cables were installed along the railway route and handed over to the Technical Commission.

  The 47-kilometer-long animal protection fence, customs inspection area, surveillance camera system, lighting, and dust protection fence construction have been executed.

  The Technical Commission established by the order of the Minister of Road and Transport Development (A/196, dated December 23, 2021, and A/152, dated June 6, 2022) made a determination as to whether the road construction work complied with applicable laws and standards and concluded that the State Commission is capable of carrying out the duties assigned by the Commission's members. 

The Tavantolgoi-Zunbayan railway line transported a total of 1.4 million tons of cargo in 2022-2023.