“To Develop Regional Logistics Center МОН2719/0240 project” in Zamyn-Uud soum, Dornogovi province has been carried out and commissioned bythe State Commission in 30th of December 2018.

Regional logistics center covers 128 hectare and it is planned to have 3 sections including a container area, a heavy load capacity area and a warehouse area. The construction for center contains 2 of 50 tons overhead cranes, mechanics maintenance center, crossing bridge facilities with 11.5 km railway line and 1.6 km road. Following construction works have been builtat high quality into the logistics center: heating supply, customs house, accommodation and administration office, maintenance center, clean water supply, drainagesystem equipment and its installation, signaling, electrical network and inner pipe connections.

What is the vital importance of the logistics center for our country?

By commissioning the Regional Logistics Center will create opportunities to receive common goods, large-scale equipment for mining sector and process transit cargo through our country.

According to the survey, about 8 wagons were received from People’s Republic of China daily. By operating this facility that number will be doubled.

From 2020, transit transportation, export, import volume will be increased and current Trans loading facilities have insufficient capacity. Therefore, Regional Logistics Center will vital importance for increasing capacity.

Moreover, in scope of the project, terminal logistics center is to be built for specialty by aim to decreasevolume ofcheckpoint and freight transition office in Zamyn-Uud port, to create transport complex terminal and logistics service, to transfer equipment and management system for freight loading from road to railway.

Economic benefits of project:

Freight turnover will be increased in Mongolia. Logistics center will work for 24 hours with 12-hour shift, and about 800 wagons or 16 trains a daily will be received and transloaded. In order to transit freight cargo flow from Northeast Asia to Russia and Europe from railway to railway or from cars to wagons through our country that create conditions loading/unloading technics, contribute in the transport sector in Mongolia and increase competitiveness to the other international transport corridors. Will create 170-200 permanent work places. Legal rationale:

“To develop regional logistics center project” is being implemented in Zamyn-Uud, Dornogovi by establishing a soft loan contract between the Government of Mongolia and Asian Development Bank in 2011. Logistics center development stages:

Zone I Container zone- daily 46 wagons and 8 trains will be carried out. Yearly capacity to Trans load 280.000 container freight. Zone II Bulk cargo- 40 wagons and 12 trains will be processed Zone III Warehouse- if 40 wagons will be carried out mechanic freight for 24 hours, there would be loaded 8100 cargoes in 270 days a year.
Construction period: For the logistics center, totally 11.7 billion MNT was used for following construction works: 3.6 km clean water supply system, bridge over 2 at-level railway crossing, 1.6 km road construction work, 4.15 km outside signaling and underground cable construction work, power plant, substation extension and substation construction work.